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Rover’s Do Over is excited to announce its innovative partnership with the City of Utica and Wanderers’ Rest aimed at enhancing the well-being of dogs in our community. With the City's commitment to improving the lives of our furry friends and our expertise, motivation, and dedication to animal welfare, we are eager for this opportunity to create a brighter future for the pets in our community.

At Rover's Do Over, we believe that teamwork and collaboration are the keys to success. We work together to achieve our goals and make a better tomorrow for the dogs in our community!

Taz, a City of Utica ACO Alum, entered RDO's Foster Care Program on  May 4th, 2024 

Duke, a City of Utica ACO Alum, entered RDO's Foster Care Program on  May 3rd, 2024 


Rover's Role


Advocate for City Animals: We aim to be a voice for the animals in our city, ensuring their welfare and rights are upheld.

Public Relations and Transparency: We will serve as a bridge between the city dogs and the community, managing public relations efforts and providing transparency about the situation and our initiatives.

Streamline Adoption Process: We aim to streamline the process between animal control and finding forever homes for these dogs through pathway planning. Facilitate Adoptions: We will facilitate the adoption of dogs through our various channels, including our website, social media, and adoption events.

Communication with Wanderers Rest: We will maintain open communication with Wanderers Rest for dogs nearing the end of their stay at their facility.

Community Outreach & Education: We will empower the community through education. By raising awareness about responsible pet ownership, animal welfare, and the importance of adoption, we aspire to create a more compassionate and informed society. Our commitment extends to actively engaging with community members, offering valuable resources and support.

City of Utica Animal control Dogs

Below are the dogs currently being housed by the City of Utica Police Department Maintenance Garage. All dogs spend a minimum of 24 hours at this location before moving to Wanderers Rest Humane Association in Canastota. If there is no space available, the dog will spend the remainder of its 5-10 day stray hold at the holding facility with the opportunity to move to the shelter at any time. If an owner is not found, the dog will have the option to fostered out through Rover's Do Over Foster Care Program or placed into a Foster-to-Adopt home until the dog can be vaccinated, spayed/neutered and microchipped. Please click on each individual dog's photo for details on that specific dog.

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