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our Purpose

The Issues We Are Facing

The Time for Change is NOW!

We cannot wait for tomorrow; the time is now! The number of animals being abandoned and surrendered to animal shelters climbs every day, adding to their already overcrowded populations. Shelter staff work tirelessly to care for the countless dogs in their care, but time and space are at a premium.

An animal shelter’s purpose is to provide housing for homeless animals while they await adoption. Although the majority of New York State shelters are no-kill, their focus is short lengths of stay not long-term care. This is because shelters are high-volume facilities that need to turn over cage space quickly. The large population of animals in their care requires a system that caters to what will work for most -not all. Its nearly impossible to cater to every dogs' individual needs and because of this, inadvertently fails the dogs who not fit into a certain criteria. For some dogs, prolonged stays in a shelter environment can be detrimental and lead to unwanted behaviors, health issues and injuries from stress.

Waiting for tomorrow to act can be the difference between a dog needing orthopedic surgery from tearing it’s ACL as a result of jumping, spinning and pacing in a kennel verses a dog who is thriving in an active foster home eliminating those unwanted behaviors. It's the difference between a dog acting out in fear due to the highly stressful environment and being labeled as aggressive verses a dog having a place to decompress and the time to trust again. It's the difference between a dog developing barrier aggression verses a dog who has a healthy relationship with barriers. For some dogs there is no tomorrow. The examples go on and on. Tomorrow is too late.

How RDO Helps

Rover's Do Over offers placement for the animals who need extra time, attention and resources to prepare them for adoption. Partnerships with shelters helps limit long-term residents and frees up space for incoming animals. RDO helps decrease the average length of stay for shelter dogs, as well as decrease the amount of unwanted behaviors from kennel stress.

Rover’s Do Over provides a decompressing atmosphere for a dogs true personality to come out. By minimizing stress, we can evaluate dogs accurately to pinpoint any training or behavioral modification that is needed. We then create a personalized plan for that specific dog to set them up for success! Our approach streamlines the journey to finding their new home.

Because RDO is a volunteer based rescue and not a municipal shelter, we can limit the number of animals in our care at any given time. This ensures we can fulfill each individual dogs mental, emotional and physical needs. In addition to our trained team, we maximize our use of volunteers and foster homes to work with individual animals to match their specific needs.

RDO also does its part to helping stop the killing of companion animals in US shelters by partnering with organizations who have yet to reach no-kill status by pulling dogs from their euthanasia lists. This will help eliminate the killing of animals for space and help struggling shelters reach their no-kill goal.

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the solution

How you can help

Together, we can make a difference. Coming together as a community is the only way to provide a solution for these animals. Every dog deserves a fair chance and with your support we can give them that chance. In a world full of people who couldn’t care less, be the one who couldn’t care more.

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our goals


short-term goals

  • To raise funds to build and operate a sanctuary for animals to live out the remainder of their lives if they need to.

  • To alleviate the stress on overcrowded, understaffed shelters by taking on resource-consuming animals.

  • To decrease the average length of stay of shelter pets.

  • Create a minimal stress environment for the pets in our care in-order to accurately evaluate and determine if/what behavior modification, training, medical treatments, or other resources are needed to help them put their best paw forward and make sure we find the perfect home and streamline the adoption process.

  • To provide an outstanding volunteer program.

  • To inspire individuals to join our mission by providing hands-on experience to show that they CAN be the change and CAN make a difference in the life of an animal in need of a "do-over".


long-term goals

  • Provide resources to our community that will help keep pets in their current homes and not relinquished to a shelter.

  • To lead by example in Central New York by inspiring individuals to come together to create a better tomorrow for the animals.

  • To help make New York State a no-kill state.

  • To contribute to ending the killing of companion animals in US shelters.

  • To make the Mohawk Valley a pet-welcoming community and increasing the amount of pet friendly areas.




The only way we can be successful iS BY COMING together as a community to provide the solution for these animals.

“You can do something big
or you can do something small.
Because whatever you do,
is better than nothing at all.”

— Unknown

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