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Sometimes the most selfless thing someone can do for their dog is to give it a chance to have the best life possible with someone else.

surrender or transfer a pet

Rehoming a pet can be a complicated and heartbreaking decision. On the outside, it can be so easy to judge and make assumptions about a person and a situation, but no one truly knows what is going on in someone else’s life. Instead of focusing on the owner, our focus should be on what is best for the animal.

There are many reasons people consider rehoming. The fact is, it is a very selfless act when an owner recognizes that their pet needs something they cannot provide. Whether that be medical care, food, training, exercise, time, or attention some people truly do not have the skillset, finances, and time to invest to give their pet the life they need and deserve.

At Rover’s Do Over we no not believe it is in the best interest of a pet to remain in a home because the owner was shamed into keeping them. Allowing a pet to remain in a home where it’s needs are not being met and their quality of life is poor is not the solution. We believe it is better to rehome an animal and place them in a situation where they can live the best life possible!    

“At RDO we strive to destigmatize pet rehoming. Instead of shaming an owner for needing to rehome their pet, we focus on what resources are needed for a specific pet in order to place them with a person or family who can match their needs. ”

Chelsea Williamson, Founder

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